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Antigua Doors Limited Warranty

Antigua Doors warrants that the solid wood components of each pre-finished door shall be free from defects in materials or workmanship that would cause the door to be un-serviceable or unfit for ordinary, recommended use.  This warranty shall run for a period of 24 months starting on the date Antigua Doors ships the applicable product from our manufacturing plant.  Doors that are not pre-finished by Antigua are warranted for a period of 12 months provided that they were finished within 30 days from the date the product shipped from our manufacturing facility.

Antigua Doors warrants the factory finish on our solid wood interior and exterior doors for a period of 12 months assuming the exterior doors are installed according to the conditions found in the catalog section titled, “Door Orientation”.  Should our finish be proven defective during this time period, we will at our option, refinish the door, replace the door, or pay up to $275 for an interior door and up to $350 for an exterior door to the owner.


The following are excluded from Antigua Doors’ Limited Warranty:

  • Labor cost for removal, and/or re-installation of a damaged product covered by our warranty.

  • Fabrication of an incorrect product in which a client has signed off on our quotation sheet confirming the specifics of the order. 

  • Cost to purchase and install custom sized hardware not available with certain orders.  Any odd sized hardware item not in our inventory will be noted during the bid process.

  • Cost to purchase and install custom glass that is not part of our inventory, including glass that is part of our inventory but can not be tempered due its size and shape.  All such items will be noted during the bid process.        

  • Damage caused by improper handling or storage.

  • Damage caused by improper installation of the door, including doors that cannot swing freely.

  • Acts of nature or acts of 3rd parties outside our control.

  • Finish variation caused by the natural surface color of the wood.

  • Texture variation caused by the natural grain and/or pore structure of the wood.

  • Misunderstanding of the natural characteristics of a chosen hardwood as explained on our web site under Hardwood + Finish.

  • Misunderstanding of the characteristics of a chosen distress including the change that can occur in a finishes overall appearance as explained on our web site under Distress.

  • Misunderstanding of the characteristics of a particular lumber, finish, or distress.  Failure to understand our production standards and norms as outlined in the section titled, technical info found on our website.  Antigua Doors requires all customers to sign their order confirmations.  Signing the order confirmation affirms that the purchaser has read and understands the technical info section, as well as the natural characteristics of our lumber, finishes, and distress. 

  • Failure to provide adequate overhang protection (see Door Orientation section).

  • Doors that are sold without a factory finish that have not been properly sealed on all 6 sides including top and bottom.

  • Doors that are sold without a factory finish that have not been finished within 30 days from the date the product shipped from our manufacturing facility.

  • Standard finish maintenance and restoration.

  • Damage to the door and/or complete re-finishing required because of the failure to perform routine maintenance and finish restoration as outlined in the Maintenance section of the web site.

  • Exterior Doors with Southern exposure with dark colored finishes.

  • Warp for any 3’6 wide by 8’ high by 1 ¾” thick, or smaller door panel, which does not exceed ¼” in the plane of the door panel itself.  Warp on custom doors with wider or higher wood panels which does not exceed 3/8”.

  • Natural panel movement. (Solid wood doors are engineered to “float” and will expand and contract with the environment.)

  • Custom doors ordered less than 1 ¾” thick for exterior use.

  • Warp for any custom door or sidelight over 9 feet in height and four feet in width. 

  • Trimming on doors that have expanded and bound to the floor or their jambs due to wood expansion caused by seasonal environmental conditions.

  • Damage due to excess trimming defined as more than ½” from the top, and 1 ½” from the bottom of the slab.

  • Normal wear and tear including surface checks that are smaller than 1/8” in width and 6” in length.

  • Hardwood finish variation pertaining to the location, size, and number of knots found in Knotty Alder which are part of the natural beauty of the wood.

  • Hardwood finish variation pertaining to the natural character of White Mahogany such as varying grain direction and/or open grain sections that are part of the natural beauty of the wood.  A non-uniform finish is part of the natural beauty of a White Mahogany finish.

  • Damage caused by extreme temperature buildup caused by direct sunlight exposure. 

  • Expansion of the bottom rail due to climatic conditions.

  • Defects caused by warp or bow of the frame or jamb in which the door was not purchased pre-hung.

  • Beveled glass with a tolerance level of 1/8” or less.

  • Problems caused by improper fitting hardware.

  • Discoloration or rusting of decorative metal accents such as grilles and clavos.


Door Orientation

The placement and protection of your Antigua door is a major factor in the longevity and maintenance it will require. Solid hardwood exterior doors should be protected from direct exposure to sun and precipitation by adequate roof overhang. Doors facing to the North offer the best natural protection, while doors facing South have the greatest risk. Doors facing West and East have moderate risk. The higher the risk, the more overhead protection is required.

Without adequate overhang protection, exterior doors are susceptible to a variety of problems such as rapid finish deterioration or color fade, splitting, warping, exaggerated panel or molding shrinkage, joint separation, and water damage. Exterior doors with a dark finish absorb heat from the sun and are even more vulnerable than lighter finished doors.

In order for our warranty to apply, the length of the roof overhang must be equal to, or exceed, half the distance from the base of the door to the bottom of the overhang. In other words, if the base of the door to the bottom of the overhang is twelve feet, the overhang must be at least six feet. This rule applies to doors facing North, East, and West. With doors facing South, the overhang length must match that of the distance from the base of the door, to the bottom of the overhang. For example, if the base of the door to the bottom of the overhang is twelve feet, the overhang must be at least twelve feet. Exterior Doors in locations without adequate overhead protection will be excluded from our warranty.

A = Distance from the base of the door to the bottom of the overhang

B = Length of the overhang

• Exterior doors facing North, East, or West.

B = ½ A

• Exterior doors facing South.

B = A


Warranty Procedure

This warranty shall be void and Antigua Doors shall have no liability here-under if customer installs, treats, or retains for greater than thirty days a door possessing an obvious defect without giving notice to Antigua Doors. If a defect is found, immediately contact our offices directly, or the dealer or distributor from whom you purchased the product, PROVIDING A CLEAR PHOTO and detailed description of the problem. A CLEAR PHOTO is required for all doors in which a warranty issue has been found. Antigua Doors has the right to request additional photos if the ones received are not adequate for us to identify and properly diagnose the problem. Within thirty days of receiving notification, we will send an acknowledgement and investigate your claim. If it is determined that there is a defect that is not covered by our warranty, an inspection fee may be charged. If it is determined that there is a defect, Antigua Doors will acknowledge this in writing and agree to either fix the door onsite, or replace it with a newly manufactured unit. ANTIGUA DOORS MAINTAINS THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE DECISION AS TO WHETHER OR NOT THE FAULTY PRODUCT WILL BE REPAIRED ON SITE OR REPLACED. ANTIGUA DOORS ALSO MAINTAINS THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE IF AN ISSUE IS COVERED BY OUR WARRANTY. FAILURE TO NOTIFY ANTIGUA DOORS OF A PROBLEM THAT EXISTED WHEN THE PRODUCT ARRIVED WITHIN 30 DAYS VOIDS OUR WARRANTY.  ALL CUSTOMERS MUST PAY IN FULL FOR THEIR PURCHASE REGARDLESS IF AN ERROR HAS BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED. If a newly manufactured unit is required, Antigua Doors will work to replace the product as quickly as possible, but will not be held financially liable to a specific replacement time. AGAIN, A CLIENT CAN NOT WITHHOLD PAYMENT WHILE WAITING FOR THEIR PURCHASE TO BE REPAIRED OR REPLACED. If the claimed problem is warp, Antigua Doors reserves the right to defer repairing or replacing the door panel for a period of up to twelve months from the date of the claim in order to permit natural equalization to humidity and temperature conditions. No distributor, dealer, or sales representative of Antigua Doors has the authority to modify this warranty, and/or agree to repair or replace an item without the written authorization of Antigua Doors. ANTIGUA DOORS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INDIRECT COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH WARRANTY ISSUES. This warranty applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

  • Technical info
  • Configurations
  • Profiles
  • Millwork
  • Glass
  • Hardware
  • Distress


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